ErichHahn OCP-60 Oxidation and Compounding Unit

Purpose of the plant: production of bitumen from tar by oxidation in a reactor.
tar, bitumen, gas additives
The composition of the environment:
by oxidation (max) -60 m³/h
when compounding (max)-120 m³/hour
30 x 14 x 18 m (L x W x H)
Process options
ErichHahn OCP-60 Oxidation and Compounding Unit
Pre-oxidation (oxidation and compounding reactor SCU-OCP)
Intensive Oxidation in Tubular Reactors (Intensive Oxidation Unit IOU-OCP)
Compounding (oxidation and compounding reactor SCU-OCP)
Compounding additives used
Vacuum residue (tar) (Liquid additive tank AdSU-OSP-50)
Plasticizer (Liquid additive tank AdSU-OCP-50) AdSU-OСP-50)
Surfactants (Liquid additive tank AdSU-OCP-15)
Orthophosphoric Acid (Liquid additive tank AdSU-OCP-15)
Scheme of the oxidation process