Automatic unloading plant for railway tanks ErichHahn ARU

Designed for accelerated automated unloading of railway tanks.

The time of unloading depends on the season and the region of unloading. In summer, bitumen is unloaded from 7 to 17 hours, in winter from 10 to 24 hours.
Simple installation design and the ability to organize unloading without the use of complex engineering communications.
Reducing the staff and minimizing the human factor for the work of the enterprise.
Lower operating costs through energy savings and process automation and equipment durability.
Low energy and heat consumption with high equipment productivity.
Wear resistance and reliability of all elements of the installation.
High degree of process automation.
Rapid heating of the tank and rapid unloading of bitumen materials.
Recirculation block. It is intended for recirculation of bitumen between heat exchangers.
Bitumen supply unit.
Oil supply unit.
External heat exchanger.
Control post for automatic tank car unloading plant.
Automation system based on Siemens microcontrollers of the SIMATIC S7-1200/ET200SP line.
Further, the hot oil product at a temperature of 100 °C or more returns to the tank under pressure through the “washout” tubes of the external heat exchanger, eroding the less heated layers of the oil product, intensifying the heating process by the external heat exchanger. Thus, the volume of the heated oil product increases. The circulation of the oil product with its heating in two horizontal heat exchangers continues until the volume of the oil product in the tank is completely heated.
Automatic unloading plant for railway tanks ErichHahn ARU
When a uniform temperature of oil products is reached in the entire volume of the railway tank at 100 - 110 ° C, a shutter with an electric drive opens on the line for supplying oil to the receiving tank. The oil product is pumped out of the tank into the receiving tank by a circulation pump through the lower horizontal heat exchanger and filter.
To preheat the product using an electric hoist, an external heat exchanger is lowered into the neck of the tank, which is connected to the thermal oil supply unit, and then to the oil product supply unit. A drain device is attached to the bottom of the tank.

After preheating, the bitumen is fed to a system of two horizontal shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Prior to the circulation of the oil product through two horizontal shell-and-tube heat exchangers on an oil manifold with an electrically operated shutter, the supply of thermal oil heated to 210 °C is opened to two horizontal heat exchangers.
Heating and draining time of viscous (dark) petroleum products of their 4-axle tanks with a load capacity of up to 70 tons at ambient temperature
at a temperature of -40 °C
for 7-17 hours
at a temperature of +25 °C
for 10-24 hours
350 kW
Power at heat transfer
viscous petroleum product (bitumen)
Name of the working medium
4652 х 2527 х 5961
Overall dimensions, mm
Installation weight, kg
Weight of the unit in working condition with diathermic oil and viscous petroleum product, kg