Automatic tanker loading station ErichHahn ATL

Designed for simultaneous loading of one or two tankers.

The point for two posts is designed to load up to 80 tankers or 2000 tons of products per day. Products are fed to the loading point from intensive heating tanks by means of two ErichHahn BPDU pumping stations through separate pipelines. The supply is regulated by means of shut-off valves DN 150 with an electric drive installed on each pipeline. In order to maintain the original quality and exclude mixing of oil products (emulsions, PBV, bitumen), separate pipelines are provided for each type of product.
High performance equipment.
Minimization of the human factor in the process of loading bituminous materials.
Automation and remote control capability.
Possibility of simultaneous filling of several types and grades of bituminous materials.
Loading ramp with weather protection canopy.
Top loading device.
Control terminal.
The ladder is transitional.
Control and fire safety system.
Forced exhaust ventilation with vapor extraction.
Traffic lights LED two-section red-green.
Automobile electronic scales.
Loading trestle
Ladder on the loading ramp
Trestle height 3.7 m
Dimensions of a metal canopy for protection from atmospheric precipitation 20 x 12 x 8 m
The transition ladder is designed for the safe passage of personnel from the filling overpass on the tanker truck. Made of aluminum, which eliminates the formation of sparks and prevents the risk of fire. The total permissible load on the ladder is 226.8 kg.
Diameter of the conditional passage
Working pressure
30-160 m3/h
0,6 MPa
100 mm
Filling device
Throughput capacity (efficiency)
Two-section traffic lights
Traffic lights are designed to inform the driver about the permission to enter and exit from the automatic loading point. The traffic lights are equipped with LED light sources, due to which they are not only more cost-effective to use, but also eliminate the illusion of simultaneously turning on the signal of two sections during solar illumination.
Automobile electronic scales
Designed for static measurement of the mass of vehicles up to 80 tons with a full check-in on the weighing platform. The scales work according to the double weighing algorithm: the first weighing before loading and again after loading. After the second weighing, the program calculates the net, gross and tare weights. Weighing data can be transmitted in real time to the 1C program, which allows for a quick issuance of shipping documents.
Technical characteristics of the ATL-2.01 model
Number of loading points
Working environment of the installation
Throughput (efficiency) of a single loading point
Сonsumption of electrical power
Viscous petroleum product
30-160 m3/h
7.07 kW
Overall dimensions of the installation with a canopy assembly
20000 х 12000 х 7900 mm